Embodyme Launch Event

To create a cozy and natural oasis

Embodyme prioritizes self-care, intertwining beauty and wellness to honour each moment.
GreenAir seamlessly integrates biophilic elements like plants, wood, and stone into the event space, aligning with our client's ethos.

Embodyme Limited
The Hotel Britomart - Papuke Room (Level 1)

Native Organic Shape Gardens

Biomimicry at work.

Mimicking the lush forest floor by high impact ferns and soft planting on a mixture of moss, fern fibre and mulch to truly connect the viewer to nature. We propose to construct multiple small gardens throughout the space to create a consistent sense of clam. While focusing on planting colours and textures to give an overall softness to the environment with the combination of deep greens and muted palette.

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Slow down, reflect, and create precious moments for you...