Creating Green Energy

GreenAir had the opportunity to be a part of 
the expansive Mercury fit-out, designed by Warren and Mahoney. Approximately 700 plants were installed over 4 floor levels in their new office in Newmarket. Visibility of planting across the multiple floors was a key factor in the plantscape design.

Broadway, Newmarket
Warren and Mahoney

Empowering Teams and Connecting To Nature

Utilising a host of product solutions from bespoke Suspended Units, Stacked Plant Systems, large bespoke copper clad Interior Gardens, as well as Floor Standing Planters throughout, this project ticked all of the boxes to meet the clients needs.

A sprawling office space, with connected mezzanine floors spanning the bright, open building atrium, allows for the planting to be viewed from almost any floor within the building. A wonderful place to work with productivity and energy flowing throughout the workplace.