Tahua Partners

A Platform for Greatness

Seeking to overhaul and rejuvenate their current residence, Tahua Partners partnered with Platform Consulting and the GreenAir team to deliver a world class fit out, worthy of the international brands in their portfolio.

The workplace itself was already graced with one of the most sought after views on the Shore, setting the scene for a luxurious yet agile, open plan office environment.

Adding green elements for all to see, whilst delivering unexpected biophilic properties that quite literally goes over people's heads, was the magic needed to create a home for the Tahua team to be proud of.

Tahua Partners
Platform Consulting Group

A Volcanic View

Executed in a way that delivered a high volume of planting, yet maintained an open and spacious feel, with carefully curated floor standing planters with established feature plants and underplanting that sprawls and entertains the gaze.

Leaving the million dollar views of Rangitoto and the stunning Hauraki Gulf unobstructed was 101 for the design, meaning that we decided to focus plants to a more central location, creating zones of focus, and holding space for calm.

Built-in gardens create features of walkways, guiding guests and visitors to the stylish boardroom and meeting rooms.

Looking up to the ceiling above, GreenAir worked creatively to install a lush carpet of faux planting, that mimicked the wild nature of the native bush, to create a unique aesthetic to energise and focus the users of the space.