HSBC Tower, 188 Quay Street

A Connection to the Streetscape

Working closely with long time collaborators Warren and Mahoney, the brief was to assist the design team in providing a contemporary lobby with a variety of amenity to support the tower tenancies above.

The solutions also needed to reflect and connect to the newer neighbouring developments all whilst having its own appeal and identity.

"The lobby needed to ‘work harder’ than it had previously where there were vast unused areas and a vacuous nature to the space."

HSBC Tower, 188 Quay Street
Warren & Mahoney

Big, Bold, Beautiful

Introducing giant glowing ‘glasshouses’ to anchor the space, supported by large, bespoke and lightweight planters housing substantial specimen planting. Swathes of artificial foliage, cleverly working in unison with a suspended lighting feature hang over the Mojo coffee bar creating a striking visual.

The overall planting focus within the space centres around the rotunda, creating a dramatic central ‘green bowl’ with large planters on the ground floor to fill the void with foliage. The entranceway from Quay Street, statement planters were required to frame and welcome building occupants to the expansive atrium space. Creating a range of bespoke and lightweight planters, ranging in size from 1.5m all the way up to an impressive 2.3m, large canopy planting was used to create a natural environment within a commercial setting. The large planters, having hidden castors, are deceptively easy to manoeuvre and allow the building management team to carry out any tasks required in the space.