Ernst & Young

A Green Wall in the Windy City

A fit out of the highest standards, required a feature plant display of equal measure.

With lighting required to accent and support the abundant planting, the installation had the bar set incredibly high...

A deluxe interior Green Wall was needed to provide a stunning backdrop to the entrance of EY Wellington.

Ernst & Young
Gensler - Sydney

Achieving the Dream

A clean and sleek fit-out demanded an equally clean and sleek green wall solution. High quality joinery provided a seamless integration for our team to deliver and install a superb outcome.

Irrigation and power neatly hidden away from view, the modular panels slotted into place with ease ready to be adorned with an outrageously beautiful plant selection.

The images speak for themselves and this is a wall that really delivers. Our horticultural team delivered on a standout plant design, with textures and forms perfectly blended to create a viewing spectacle.

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