The Shelter

Life is Art

"The Shelter is a curated lifestyle destination designed to explore, inspire and share."

GreenAir were tasked with adding feature planting to compliment the "relaxed artistic experience for the discerning shopper".

"It is an experience unbound by convention, offering exceptional and discerning objects that transcend time, fashion, places and life stages."

The Shelter
Direct Client

Art is Life

Three Large Ficus Benjamina, housed in strong and industrially inspired steel planters, create a foundation and linear aesthetic through the spine of the gallery-esque retail space.

Over time, these trees have been grown and shaped to explore a more natural aesthetic, taking cues from biomicry and their individual locations within the building.

Light levels reach each plant differently, and rather than working to create uniformity and "standard" foliage grooming practice, our skilled horticulturalists have been afforded the freedom to play and work with the natural growth, all the while maintaining healthy foliage and root systems for the established planting.