The Warehouse Group

The Challenge

The Warehouse Group aimed to revitalize its workspace, fostering a collaborative and thriving atmosphere conducive to employee well-being and productivity, with a focus on sustainability.

The Warehouse Group

The Solution

In collaboration with design firm Unispace, GreenAir partnered with The Warehouse Group to design and implement inbuilt gardens strategically placed throughout the workspace. Additionally, floor-standing planters were supplied and installed in various locations, further connecting people to green spaces within the office environment.


- Enhanced Ambiance: The integration of inbuilt gardens and floor-standing planters transformed The Warehouse Group's workspace, promoting tranquility and well-being.

- Increased Engagement: Nature integration encouraged employee collaboration, fostering a vibrant work culture.

- Improved Air Quality: Interior plants on mass will contribute to enhanced air quality, creating a healthier work environment.

- Sustainability Integration: The collaboration demonstrated The Warehouse Group's commitment to sustainability, aligning values with tangible actions to create a greener and more environmentally conscious workspace.


Through collaboration with GreenAir, Unispace, and an enthusiastic client willing to go above and beyond, coupled with the strategic placement of inbuilt gardens and floor-standing planters, The Warehouse Group succeeded in creating a workspace that reflects its core values while fostering growth, collaboration, and productivity. This case study highlights the transformative power of nature in enhancing workspace wellness and the importance of strategic partnerships in achieving sustainable solutions.